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CLOUD Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z


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CLOUD Microphones Cloudlifter Z Variable Impedance Mic Activator

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CLOUD Microphones Cloudlifter Z, preamp, og variabel impedansvælger som "shaper" din mikrofon karkteristik.


  • Compact preamplifier for high-impedance instruments and dynamic and ribbon microphones
  • Up to 25 dB crystal clear gain for microphones and 12 dB gain for instruments
  • Variable gain control in three steps: Min, More, Max
  • Variable input impedance from 150 ohms to 15k ohms
  • Variable high-pass filter from 20 Hz to 200 Hz
  • No voltage is passed on connected microphones, sensitive ribbon microphones are accordingly protected against damage
  • Uses a patented, discreet Class-A circuit
  • Works with phantom power
  • Neutrik XLR combination input
  • XLR output
  • Robust, roadworthy quality
  • Made in USA


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