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    Den superfede Big Tone 212 Combo fra T-Rex er svær at opdrive!  Klassisk 30 watt combo som lyder både af Vox og Fender - fra super clean til lækker crunch.Specifikationer:30 watt  (4 x EL84 udgangsrør)3 x 12AX7 rør i preamprørdrevet rumklang2 x 12 Celestion Vintage-30 højttalere"

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    Den legendariske rør bastop i fin stand til skarp pris.  BRUGT.Handcrafted in Petaluma, California.400 watt rør-power fra 12 stk 5881.2 kanaler / 2 preampsFleksible tonekontroller med push/pull funktioner  7-bånds grafisk equalizerEffekt loop med blend kontrolBlæser med Low, High

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    SELMER Truvoice 50 Watt Tube Head SUPER and Rare !!! These amps were originally built between 1963 and 1965, for use both as a guitar and as a bass amp. It's the early version of the Treble and Bass 50, which was more or less the standard Selmer guitar amp head for many years from the early sixties till the late seventies.

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    The studiotone combo could attract all guitarists who want to use the warmth and distortion of a power amplifier at tolerable volumes. On the other hand, this amp with its 20 W also has clean reserves, which should be sufficient in most cases.

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    Randall Commander Kurt Cobain It is an RG120ph.120 watts RMS at 4 Ohms75 at 8 Ohms

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    Orange AD30 Reverb. One of the best tube combo through time. known for its superb distinkt sound when you crank it up a bit on the 2x12 "speakers, and the rest of the band has difficulty following your 30 W AB tubes Used, but near mint condition.

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    Den nyeste version Hot Rod Deville 3 -  BRUGT men fuldstændig som ny, og med fuld garanti !60 watt, 3 kanaler  (clean, drive, more drive)Rør: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L62x 12 Celestion G12p-80 højttalereKontroller: Vol., Reverb, Master Vol., Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Drive Vol.Bright "

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    Guitar kabinet i kompakt størrelse med 4x12 og skrå forside.God til gigging musikeresom er seriøse med deres tone.320 Watt mono (peak:640Watt) 160 Watt stereo (peak:320Watt) 4 stk 12" Celestion seventy 80 enheder4 Ohm eller 16 Ohm mono, 8 Ohm stereoInput: jack mono in/out. Ster"

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    The Terror Bass is back and it sounds better than ever. With a valve preamp and a 500W Class D solid state power amp, the all-new Terror Bass sounds closer to our flagship AD200 than ever before. Used: Mint Condition.

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