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    Santana (Class 1967-1972) drum set vintage in rare wrap.This set appears with some small dints after 50 years. The set is sold without hardware. Size .: 12"13"16"22"  This set has a warm and full-bodied timbre.

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  • Kr. 2.500,00

    Ginza vintage drum kit appear neat but with the normal traces of the 50 years. The set is supplied with new heads and reviewed. The set consists of 12 14 20 inches 14 snare drum. The set comes without hard wear.

    Kr. 2.500,00
  • Kr. 5.995,00 In Stock

    Gretsch. Stop sign, Mirror Chrome Finish. 70's there is therefore some signs of usage hence the price ! :-) 13, 14, 18, 22, are sold without hardwear.

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  • Kr. 7.995,00 In Stock

    review Pearl Vari 1978. The set is with roto tams, 12, 13, 16, 22. very rarely for sale. The Shells are made of wood fiber, i.e. fiberglass with wood. There is therefore some signs of usage the normal but otherwise very finely.

    Kr. 7.995,00
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  • Kr. 5.395,00

    Premier Elite. From the mid-70érne appear neat, however, is that the switch to Pearl tam holders on bass drum and tam, hence low price. Kit sizes 12 "13" 16 "22" No hardware.

    Kr. 5.395,00
  • Kr. 7.655,00 In Stock

    Star. Drum kit in late 60's appear green satin wrap. there with follows the org. snare drum, which is truly a Pearl with double sided seiding lifting. Super quality, littel bit of wear and tear.Hardware not included for this kit.

    Kr. 7.655,00
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  • Kr. 4.295,00 In Stock

    Vintage Stratford by Besson pre-size late 50´s first 60´s drum kit. Black pearl. Bass 20" x 12" Small tom 12" x 8". 16 " Floor tom 14 X 5 snare drum. Wrap shiny and a good colour. Bass drum has correct tom holder ( Dog bone. ) and correct rims. The set is delivered without hardware.

    Kr. 4.295,00
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  • Kr. 3.195,00

    Santana drum kit First 70's. A little color different from the toms but otherwise pretty nice.Sizes are 12 "13" 16 "22"The set comes without hardware.

    Kr. 3.195,00
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