• Kr. 45,00 In Stock

    250K Logarithmic Volume / Tone potentiometer in good quality, with 18T split shaft in brass, for electric guitar / bass

    Kr. 45,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 3.295,00 Out of stock

    AC4C1-12 Limited Edition Maroon BroncoVOX’s core Custom Series line is now available in a limited-edition Maroon Bronco color scheme. VOX’s all-new, limited-edition Custom Series recalls the amplifier company’s rich history of iconic design with an irresistible custom color scheme that is sure to appeal to all amp aficionados.

    Kr. 3.295,00
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  • Kr. 150,00 In Stock

    Clear Pinstripe® skins are the most used rock skins in the world. It has a short sustain and a long life. Typically one will go for a deep, dry sound with this skin.

    Kr. 150,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 1.869,00 In Stock

    Vintage-style spring reverb and tremolo

    Kr. 1.869,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 1.495,00 In Stock

    A controller, evolved. KeyStep 37 combines a flexible 37-note keyboard with intuitive sequencing, instant chord generation and creative real-time MIDI controls that let you discover and interact with music like never before.

    Kr. 1.495,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 95,00 1-3 weeks delivery

    String Set for Classical GuitarGauge: 028 - 032-040 - W031 - W037 - w045 Folk nylon Ball end Treble strings made of black nylon Bass strings made of 80/20 bronze

    Kr. 95,00
    1-3 weeks delivery
  • Kr. 1.995,00 Out of stock

    Kr. 1.995,00
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  • Kr. 5.995,00 Out of stock

    Info Ibanez Bass rarely offered. 

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  • Kr. 7.850,00 Delivery 1 - 3 weeks

    Mapex Armory 6 pc Shell Pack 6-pce Armory Series Studioease Short Shell Pack - Ultra Marine finish. Includes 22x18 Bass Drum, 10x7 and 12x8 Tom Toms, 14x12 and 16x14 Floor Toms, 14x 5½ Snare Drum, 2xTH687S Tom holder and 2xAC910 clamp.

    Kr. 7.850,00
    Online only
    Delivery 1 - 3 weeks
  • Kr. 795,00 Kr. 1.195,00 In Stock

    Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal with Sequential-diode Distortion Circuit; Level, Gain, and Tone Controls; and True Hardwire Bypass

    Kr. 795,00 Kr. 1.195,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 75,00

    11 - 15 - 22 - 32 - 41 - 52  Acoustic Bronze Strings

    Kr. 75,00
  • Kr. 795,00 In Stock

    Note 1: No tap tempo Note 2: "Echo" controls volume of repeats, "Level" is the master volume and dry signal volume is controlled by a pop-out knob on the side.  Note 3: This pedal is digital, but has been voiced to sound analog. For what it's worth, I think they did a great job.

    Kr. 795,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 1.185,00 Kr. 1.395,00 In Stock

    Kr. 1.185,00 Kr. 1.395,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 1.695,00 In Stock

    Inspired by the unique complexities of running modulations in parallel, Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils the Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator.

    Kr. 1.695,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 695,00 Delivery. 1-3 weeks.

    Pickup for Electric GuitarsModel: '59 HumbuckerOriginal P.A.F. reproductionFor neck positionWarm sound with great sustainSingle connection cableString spacing: 1.925"/ 48.9 mmColour: Black

    Kr. 695,00
    Delivery. 1-3 weeks.
  • Kr. 95,00 Out of stock

    Hayman Hi-Hat Clutch

    Kr. 95,00
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  • Kr. 7.295,00 In Stock

    Authentic Piano Performance with Modern Connectivity

    Kr. 7.295,00
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  • Kr. 1.895,00 In Stock

    Fits to: Roland HP702/HP704 & LX705 The wheel system makes it easy to move the instrument in schools and institutions without heavy lifting. The system is constructed very solidly and is delivered in powder-coated matt black. Each wheel set can be locked.

    Kr. 1.895,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 950,00 Kr. 1.950,00

    It has a very loud and warm sound. The action is in the right height, and it comes with high-quality strings. The finish is perfect, it's like a wooden mirror!

    Kr. 950,00 Kr. 1.950,00
    Reduced price!
  • Kr. 1.795,00 In Stock

    The BOSS DD-20 Digital Delay offers more User memory and long delay time up to 23 seconds. Delay time can be quickly set using the push-button knob or via tap tempo. And with a choice of 11 modes—including new “Smooth” and “Twist” delays and sound-on-sound recording—this Twin Pedal raises the bar for delay effects.

    Kr. 1.795,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 675,00 In Stock

    Lavalier GO is a high-quality and flexible mosquito for professional use, designed for a number of different application areas.

    Kr. 675,00
    In Stock
  • Kr. 1.195,00 In Stock
  • Kr. 1.995,00 In Stock
  • Kr. 95,00 In Stock

    An extremely durable microphone cable. The cable ensures a high signal quality even over longer distances and is designed to be maximally interference-free.

    Kr. 95,00
    In Stock

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